The Hope Project, Lane County


The Hope Project

The Hope Project is a Lane County non-profit dedicated to quick response needs-- large and small, close by and far away. The mission is simple: if we hear about a need falling through the cracks of traditional support systems or needing immediate assistance, we’ll coordinate and provide any help we can.

The organization is led by Ken Brown. Ken’s diverse background as pastor, father, husband, community activist, sports fan, long-time Oregon resident, and employee of a local family business uniquely positions him to hear about people who need help and to ask the right people to provide that help.

He’s organized a formal leadership committee and a group of informal supporters who care more about quick results than plodding processes.

The giving and asking is as simple as this website.

If you need help: ( 

If you can give or help: (

Witness the Impact: (

Ken and his network of volunteers are standing by ready to take it from there.

The Hope Project Leadership Committee:
Ken Brown
Ron Riddle
Rick Stewart
John Prevedello
Paul Hoerauf

Here at Exceptional Davis Deals we are Happy to be a part of the impact that gives Hope back to our community. Our neighbors at The Hope Project work very hard to make things happen quickly & we are in a unique position to also react very quickly. Our online store carries already discounted merchandise and many of the household items that are frequently requested. 
Sometimes Hope is the only thing people need to thrive & we want to help.
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~Thank You for giving "HOPE"